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Focus on running your business and we'll take care of generating sales for you via social media.

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Dream Team

Donutz is above all a team of talented experts...


Which proves itself every day.

Technology and expertise

Our Social Ads expertise.

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Meta Ads

Your audience is there, we will find it and convince it.

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Linkedin Ads

Let's take advantage of the #1 professional social network and boost your B2B.

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Snapchat Ads

Let's capture the attention of an exclusive audience on one of the most used networks in time spent.

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Tiktok Ads

Let's multiply your growth and take it to the next level.

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Pinterest Ads

We create inspiration for your performance.

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Spotify Ads

Let's stimulate your audience's listening.

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PPC Strategies

Advanced strategies


To steer by profit and not only by turnover.


Let's get your audience where they are and generate quality traffic.


Let's optimize your customer retention and increase your LTV.

Lead Gen

Let's maximize your forms and boost your newsletters.


Let's leverage influencer marketing and increase your sales.


We develop your brand image and increase its advertising recall.

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Optimising the performance of your website.

Landing page

We create landing pages that convert better than yours.


We create content that converts better than yours.

Powerful visuals

We produce static and animated visuals to develop your conversions.

A/B Test

We test, then we test and when we have tested everything, we test again.

CRM Integration

We connect your CRM to your campaigns to measure your ROI.

Feed Management

Management and optimisation of your product flows

Automation & AI

Your competitive advantage to outpace the competition

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The process

How to set up a support on Google ads?

4 small steps to start your campaigns.

Talking to a traffic manager

1. Audit and Evaluation

Our experts evaluate your business, your potential and your growth opportunities on Google ads.

2. Strategic proposal

Presentation of the Google ads audit (if existing account) and our strategic recommendation for your PPC campaigns.

3. Commercial proposal

Shop around and select the Google ads, tracking, etc. services you need.

4. Launching the project

Our experts take care of the management of the campaigns and their optimization. The first 3-month period allows us to deploy the plan, which is challenged each quarter during the QBR.

Our customers' opinions

Clients don't lie!

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"The best marketing agency out there

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VP of Marketing at Google

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